BWP Westport Woods Hotel has achieved Tripadvisor’s top international environmental award in its 2014 Greenleaders programme. The hotel has reached Tripadvisor’s top standard in  reducing its carbon footprint, energy conservation, waste recycling and social responsibility.

It’s a great feeling to see how proud our colleagues are at the news of this international recognition of their efforts. It also a clear demonstration that people in Ireland are taking their environmental obligations very seriously

Tripadvisor manages this programme in many countries and is open to all in the hospitality industry. Using an extensive set of environmental criteria, its objective is to provide guests with the choice of staying in the most environmentally friendly hotels in each country.

We are delighted our hotel has been given the highest level of Platinum.

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GOING GREEN…At the BWP Westport Woods Hotel

We hope you have been enjoying the fine spring holiday season. Here in the West, the birds are out, flowers are in bloom and the trees are lush and green. Spring also marked the 10th anniversary of our own ‘Going Green Programme here at Westport Woods Hotel recently, which coincided happily with the hotel being chosen as Ireland’s most environmentally friendly.

14_ WWH_GHA Greenest Hotel Award

This annual award is made by the Green Hospitality Award organisation, and it compliments our many notable awards in Ireland and internationally over the years for our continuous and determined efforts. Incidentally, the benchmarking of environmental performances in the Irish and international hotel industry is well established, and from this we know our results exceed best international standards of which we are understandably proud.. In doing so we’ve learned about the many benefits of going green, from significant cost saving in a world of rising fuel prices and recession, to the quality of our guests stay here, for example in terms of energy efficiency, natural lighting and the comfort of our guests.

The ins and outs of the past ten years could fill a book but just a few basic figures will give you a measure of the progress we have made.

Carbon Footprint – 1200 tonnes pa to 200
Landfill Waste – 270 tons pa to 8
Energy – 3 million kWh pa to 2.4m

These are validated figures by a reputable body which avoids any suggestion of “greenwashing”. Though we have come across numerous challenges, these bald figures tell their own story. They reflect a serious contribution with regard to our social responsibilities and financial savings in respect to the better management of our business, welfare of our customers and the environment.

Commercially, it could make the difference between staying in business or not in these times. We also hope that you may gain an insight into what goes into operating our hotel in the best way we can so that you have the most enjoyable experience possible.

IMG_0121 copy

We’ll keep you posted on our journey and where it has taken us, in the hopes it might encourage others to do likewise.

You’re very welcome to Westport Woods Hotel and to one of the nicest towns in Ireland.

Michael Lennon

General Manager & Owner